Trivia Contest

OK, graduates, how much do you really remember about your school days? Martie Cope Buzzard poses the following questions for those of us without too many senior moments. Do you have some to add?

  • Can you provide first and last names for these Lamar cheerleaders? (Click the first picture on the right.)
  • What 1958 controversial women's fashion item provoked comments from these Lamar students?
    • Niki Bohn:  “I like the plain one, but not the extreme styles.” 
    • Sandra Boardman:  It looks “cute on some girls but horrible on girls who don't have good figures.” 
    • Lee Stark, who owns three, thinks they make some girls look like “sacks of potatoes.”
  • How much did a tube of lipstick cost in 1957? 
  • What former U.S. president made a speech at the state Capitol when we were in high school? 
  • What men's fashion item caused 27 senior boys to be suspended for the day? 
  • What hair product drove our parents crazy during the summer of 1957? (See hint)
  • Can you list the names of all the high school and junior high school principals during the period when we were there? 
  • What was the name of the football coach, the football co-captains and the team managers at Lamar Junior High during the 9th grade? 
  • What was the theme of the Y-Teen Party that was held at the YMCA during the 10th grade? 
  • Who played Ado Annie in our highly successful musical rendition of “Oklahoma” when we were juniors?
  • What were the names of the Austin outdoor drive-in movie theaters when we went to McCallum?

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