In Memorium

We have lost many of our friends as time goes by. Below is a list of our classmates that are are now deceased.

  1. Billie Earl Allen
  2. Priscilla A. (Bean) Hellyer
  3. Janet  Louise (Berg)Wade
  4. Jimmy Carter
  5. Joe David Clynch
  6. Helen Joyce Cole
  7. Linda Gayle Cook
  8. Charles DeVeau [new addition]
  9. Brehon Frank Ellis
  10. Tully M.Embrey
  11. Jim Gustafson
  12. Jerry Charles Hanke
  13. Patsy Nell Hansen
  14. David Ray Heimann
  15. C W 'Chris' Henneck
  16. Albert S. Hopkins III
  17. LaNalle (Hyltin) Johnson [new]
  18. Richard Kenneth Ingram
  19. Freddie Jackson
  20. Sandra Darlene (Jones) Hall
  21. A Dow King III
  22. David (Tank) Lindsay
  23. David William Malkemus
  24. George Morris
  25. Trubin Northcutt
  26. Esteen Lee Person
  27. Travis Rivers
  28. Clyde Lynn Rosenblad
  29. Connie Jean (Scott) Cline
  30. Dorothy (Dottie) Shackelford Heming (2006)
  31. George Shepherd Jr.
  32. Barbara Sinclair Howell [new]
  33. Donald Freeman Stafford
  34. Patricia ‘Pat’ (Swaner) Looney [new]
  35. J. B. Talley
  36. Gayland Wayne Thompson [new]
  37. Larry Joel Voss
  38. Ronnie Aubrey Walton
  39. Jan (Ward) Burke
  40. Melba Charlotte Waxler
  41. Barbara West
  42. John (Guest) Walter Whitaker III
  43. Jerry Hamilton Wingren
  44. Victoria Elizabeth Witherspoon

newButton2 Photo page of some of our passing classmates from Martie’s 2001 reunion Powerpoint (2.8MB)

Also see the story of Mr. Bizzell, who passed away in 2001

Not from McCallum, but of that era: