A. N. McCallum Band

The 1960-61 A. N. McCallum High School Band is comprised of 111 instrumentalists, under the direction of Dr. Frank S. Phillips. This group of performers is a product of the fast-growing number of youthful musicians who are being developed in the public schools of America.

When the A. N. McCallum High School opened its doors in 1952, the first band was organized with an initial membership of 56 players. This first band did mach to establish many of the traditions and customs that are associated with the band of 1960-61, Traditions from Scotland, including such terms as “Serfs” for the first year members and “Knights” for the student body, are prevalent today.

 From the beginning, the McCallum High School Band has received many honors and performed many services for the community. This band performs annually at football games, parades, civic activities, concerts, and other varied types of performances. In recent years this group has appeared on national television, and performed at parades for state, national, and international dignitaries.

 The 1960-61 Knight Concert Band is comprised of 40 sophomores, 37 juniors, and 34 seniors. The high scholastic rating of the members of this organization is reflected in that many of them are on the honor roll each semester. In addition to their strenuous efforts as participants in the band, many of its members are active in other areas such as the sciences, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Scouting, National Honor Society, “Who's Who” of McCallum and speech activities

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